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20th Annual Conference from 11 to 12 May 2023 SoPICON 2023 at AIIMS, Rishikesh

Prof. K.C. Singhal

Dr. Krishan Chandra Singhal was born on 16th June 1941 at Aligarh. He did High School and BSc from Aligarh Muslim University. During student life, he participated in many sports and won many prizes.

He did MBBS (1959 Batch) and MD (1968) from King George Medical College, Lucknow; PhD (1976) from Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner and DSc. (2001) from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

He joined Department of Pharmacology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Collee, AMU, Aligarh as Assistant Research Officer under a project of Indian Council of Medical Research on January 29, 1968.

He then worked as Demonstrator (May 15, 1968), appointed Lecturer (1969), Reader (March 30, 1979) and Professor (May 3, 1988). He became the Chairman Department of Pharmacology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College from August 8, 1990 to August 7, 1996 and then from August 8, 1999 to August 7, 2002.

He has made extensive and highly significant contribution in the field of Pharmacology. He established new methods for screening Antifilarial agents using Setaria cervi as test organism. He is one of foremost pioneer in the field of Indian Pharmacovigilance and organised many scientific meets in the field of Pharmacovigilance. He is the founder president of the 'Society of Pharmacovigilance, India' (SoPI) in 1999.

John Autian

Dr. John Autian, a native of Philadelphia earned his BSPharma from Temple University and M.S. and Ph.D from the University of Maryland, USA

He arrived at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1967 from the University of Texas and started the Materials Science Toxicology Laboratories, which reached level of nation and international prominence and helped establish new Federal Regulation on Medical Devices.

In 1973, Dr. Autian was named the first recipient of the UT National Alumni Association Public Service Award.

He served as President of the UTHSC Faculty Senate and was Chair, Department of Molecular Biology.

He was named Dean of the College of Pharmacy on August 1, 1975. Dean Autian pushed for approval of the Pharma. D degree as the entry-level degree in pharmacy.

He served as Dean until 1982, when he was named Dean of the UT Graduate School of Medical Science and Vice Chancellor for Research, serving until his retirement in 1985.

After retirement, Dr. Autian worked tirelessly as an international humanitarian and health science educator and was proponent of the Memphis Biomendical Research Zone

Following eminent speakers delivered “SoPI Oration”

SoPI Orations
Year John Autian Oration KC Singhal Oration
2002 Prof. K. C. Singhal (India) -
2003 Prof. Ralph Edwards (Sweden) -
2004 Prof. Peter Folb (Australia) -
2005 Dr. Marie Cooper (Switzerland) Prof. Chris J. Van Boxtel (Holland)
2006 Prof. Kees Van Grootheest (Holland) Prof. Giampaolo Velo (Italy)
2007 Dr. Priyadarshini Galappatthy (Sri Lanka) Dr. John F. Knight (Australia)
2008 - -
2009 Dr. Marie Lindquist (Sweden) Dr. Bruce Hugman (England)
2010 Dr. B M Katoch (India) Dr. Sten Olsson (Sweden)
2011 Dr. C. P. Thakur (India) Dr. R. H. B. Meyboom (Sweden)
2012 Dr. Nicholas Richard Dunn (England)
2013 Dr. Clara Marr (England) Dr. Ruth Salvage (New Zealand)
2014 Dr. Noel Cranswick (Australia) Dr. Eugene van Puijenbroek (Holland)
2015 Dr. Rachida Soulaymani Bencheikh (Morocco) Dr. Shanthi Pal (Switzerland)
2016 Dr. Andrew Bate (UK) Dr. Hervé Le Louet (France)
2018 Prof. R. K. Goyal Dr. Vivek Ahuja
2019 Dr. Swandari Parimata (Indonesia) Prof. S. S. Savrikar (India)
2022 Prof Slobodan Jankovic (Republic of Serbia) Dr. Jean-Christophe Delemeau(Czeck Republic)

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