The Scope of Pharmacovigilance

The nature of the global pharmacovigilance landscape and societal context has been rapidly changing in recent years, and is still changing. SoPI considers it important that the aims of SoPI should reflect this wider scope.

In the view of SoPI, the scope of pharmacovigilance is:

Any area that contributes better knowledge and understanding of the safe and effective use of medicines, pre- and post-marketing, including but not limited to

  • Problems related to the active components and ingredients of medicinal products
  • Problems related to medicines use, e.g.
  • Prescription, dispensing, administration errors
  • Adherence to the treatment
  • Misuse, abuse, recreational use of drugs of addiction
  • Poisoning, accidental overdose
  • Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/ counterfeit (SSFFC) medical products.
  • Safety problems in relation to mass medication (e.g. vaccines)
  • Antimicrobial resistance and other treatment failures.
  • Benefit-harm assessment and risk management.
  • Quality issues related to manufacturing, transport or storage.
  • Environmental effects.
  • Regulatory matters pertaining to the above.

Certificate of the Society Registration


International Conference on Safety of Medicine and 22nd Annual Meeting of SoPI (SoPICON 2025), 5-7 February 2025, AIIMS Bhopal

Welcome to The National Society of Pharmacovigilance - Registered Under The Societies Registration Act

Executive Committee

Prof. K. C. Singhal (Aligarh) Patron
Dr. Sandeep Agarwal (Agra) President
Dr. Bharat Gajjar (Karamsad) & Dr. Vandana Roy (New Delhi) Vice Presidents
Dr. Rabinarayan Acharya (Jamnagar) Chief Editor
Prof. Farhan Ahmad Khan (Aligarh) Editor
Dr. Syed Ziaur Rahman (Aligarh) Secretary General
Dr. Misbahuddin (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) International Secretary
Dr. Parul Agarwal (Agra) Treasurer

Executive Members

Dr. Prithpal Singh (Moradabad)
Prof. S. S. Handu (Rishikesh)
Dr. Ashok Dubey (Greater Noida)
Dr. Nitin Kothari (Udaipur)
Dr. R. K. Goyal (New Delhi)
Dr. Hariom Kumar Singh (Bareilly)

Society of Pharmacovigilance India

The Society of Pharmacovigilance India (SoPI) is a national non-profit scientific organisation, which aims to foster Pharmacovigilance both scientifically and educationally, and enhance all aspects of the safety issues of medicines.

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What Our Members Over The World Are Saying

“SoPI is becoming a mature organization, having gone through generations of development since the starting, and is right now entering into a new phase"

Dr. KC Singhal

“The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) is active in providing specialized ad hoc training courses in pharmacovigilance. Also, the Indian chapter, the Society of Pharmacovigilance India (SoPI), could become a provider of regular pharmacovigilance training. SoPI is still a very small organization, however, and would need a stronger base to provide a credible and effective training service for the country as a whole"

Sten Olsson (2008), UMC, Sweden
Source: Pharmacovigilance training with focus on India, Indian J Pharmacol 2008 Feb; 40(Suppl1): S28-S30